Persevere Podcast

The strength to persevere in business is powered by passion, grit, and hard work. The Persevere Podcast is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who set out to innovate and change the world with their ideas.

Whether it’s fundraising your start-up, product development, marketing, branding, or scaling your existing business, this podcast is for you.

We’ll discuss everything it takes to persevere and build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s make it happen!

EP 1:Checkable Medical: How It Started


In this episode, founder and CEO Patty Post shares her background and passion as an entrepreneur in multiple industries and the path that led her to form Checkable Medical.

EP 2: Keeping It Legal: Covering Your Bases and Bottom Line


In Episode 2 of the Persevere Podcast, Patty welcomes Todd Taylor, Checkable Medical’s corporate attorney. Patty and Todd discuss how business leaders can benefit from quickly developing an open, honest, and trusting relationship with a lawyer and when to consult them on matters.



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EP 4: Startup Due Diligence 101


In this episode of the Persevere Podcast, we welcome Cynthia Yee to the show. Cynthia gives her take on how entrepreneurs can best prepare for fundraising and gives insight into the due diligence process.

EP 5: North Dakota: An Entrepreneurial Gold Mine


In this episode, we welcome Hannah Lange to the Persevere Podcast. Hannah discusses how the Development Fund is an economic tool of North Dakota dispels the myth that North Dakota is interested in only agricultural ventures.