Checkable Strep

Ugh. That dreaded sore throat.

Could it be strep? 


Typical strep throat symptoms are: 

  • Fever

  • Pain when swallowing

  • Red tonsils with white spots

  • Swollen neck glands

  • Headache abdominal pain

Instead of wasting half your day scheduling an appointment, getting a test and driving to pick up your prescription, you can administer a test and get a diagnosis and treatment plan within 30 minutes using the Checkable Strep platform.  

How it will work

  • Purchase a Checkable Medical Strep Test at your neighborhood pharmacy or get it shipped to your door. 

  • Download the Checkable Medical App, which walks you through how to take a throat sample, complete with animations to engage a child. 

  • Swab, shake and see the results in sixty seconds. 

  • If the result is positive, the App connects you to a virtual care provider who will write a prescription and send it off to your neighborhood pharmacy. 

  • If the result is negative, no need to waste your time in a waiting room catching another virus -- your kiddo is off to school or you saved the day and can stay home and snuggle. 

  • It’s the difference between missing half of a day of work and being 30 minutes late. 

Use the Contact Form below to stay informed on the developments of the Checkable Medical Strep platform and when you can purchase a Checkable Medical Strep Kit!

In some cases, in-person care may be the best option for you.

CAUTION--Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.


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