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Checkable Medical is working to distribute a rapid antibody test that delivers results in 10 minutes and can be done on-site at the place of employment or at a local minute clinic. We’re also filing for FDA over-the-counter clearance for individual at-home use.


The rapid-result COVID-19 antibody test is a rapid, finger-prick test that determines if a user has the antibodies to fight COVID-19. The test will detect the presence of both an acute IgM and chronic IgG immune response to infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a 95% accuracy. The serology antibody test may prove to be a vital tool in reopening our economy.

The Checkable Medical COVID-19 platform will instruct individuals on how to take the test and be connected to a healthcare provider for interpretation of results and medical care. 


How it will work

  • Complete an online intake form that will evaluate your symptoms and health factors.

  • If deemed appropriate by the healthcare provider, a test will be mailed to you, following guidelines established by the CDC. 

  • When the test is received, you can complete the at-home test using the instructions on the Checkable Medical website. 

  • Once the results appear, you will be connected to a healthcare provider who can provide instructions on what to do next.

Use the Contact Form below to stay informed on the developments of the Checkable Medical COVID-19 platform!

In some cases, in-person care may be the best option for you.

This test has not been approved by the FDA.


There’s so much confusion around COVID-19 testing. What kind of test is the Checkable COVID-19 At-home Rapid Antibody Test? 

This is a rapid serology antibody test that detects IgM and IgG antibodies of COVID-19 in the blood - showing if a person has contracted the virus and has developed antibodies against the virus.  

What is so special about this test?

This test can help identify if you have been exposed to the virus or have developed antibodies against the virus. It can help in identifying asymptomatic carriers (those that don't have any symptoms) and identifying bigger groups of individuals have been infected - potentially helping us get back to a more normal pace, faster. 

When will the test be available for at-home use?

We are submitting to the FDA for authorization of the at-home use of the serology antibody test. To be made aware of when you will be able to purchase a test, submit your information using the form at the bottom of the page. 

Where can I purchase a Checkable COVID-19 At-home Rapid Antibody Test?

To receive a test, you will need to complete the online intake form. A healthcare provider will review your information to determine if it is appropriate for you to receive a test. The healthcare provider will follow the guidelines established by the CDC when making this determination.   

This test has not been approved by the FDA.


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