Why Does Strep Throat Keep Coming Back?

For many, strep throat is a one-and-done deal, but for some, recurring strep throat is a painful reality (pun intended). The juggle of the back and forth from the home to the doctor to the pharmacy is a source of frustration and demand on time, resulting in missed school and work. Many families are left wondering, “Why does this keep happening?” 

What Happens When Strep Throat Goes Untreated?

Although 75% of sore throat visits to the doctor end up not being treated for strep throat, there is good cause to get checked just in case.

7 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

An itchy, scratchy, sore throat can throw off your day. Every swallow of saliva, food, or drink makes you cringe. If you aren’t one to go straight to the medicine cabinet to ease your pain, you may be left thinking you are at a loss for relief. Lucky for you, relief can be found in your kitchen cupboards.

How to Prevent the Spread of Strep Throat

Using these seven steps will help in reducing the spread of the strep infection in your home, with your loved ones, and even with strangers.

5 Steps to Reduce Your Fears and Anxiety

Taking these five steps may help in reducing your fears and anxieties during the uncertainty of COVID-19.

The Shift in the Role as Mom

We wanted to get a pulse on what life looks like now as Chief Mom, so we asked a group of moms to share their experiences on how this shift has affected them personally. As we reviewed their responses, some prominent themes came to light. 

Sore throat? Now what? Seasonal Allergies vs. Strep Throat vs. Coronavirus Symptoms

Since a sore throat is a common symptom of all three, you may be feeling a bit perplexed and left with many questions. We have provided a breakdown for you that may help provide a better understanding of what that sore throat really means. 

Six Easy Steps to Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have put together six steps that may help reduce the spread of infection in your home and while tending to the essential needs of your family.

Everyday Virus-Killing Household Cleaning Products

Right now there is a lot of (valid) concern over how to properly disinfect your house from serious, contagious viruses. So much concern that instead of seeing seas of blue bottles walking down the cleaning supplies aisle you now see bare, white shelves.Never fear though, you are still in luck if you missed out on grabbing a bottle or two for your own home. Those everyday cleaning products that are staples in your home will do the trick!

7 Indoor Family-Fun Activities

Is being cooped up making you go crazy? Yep. Us, too. Since we have had some time to get creative ourselves, we’ve provided a shortlist of activities for your family to do inside and outside of the home during this hunker downtime.

Juggling the Roles of Mom During COVID-19

When you are feeling alone or have hit your breaking point, that is when you need to shift your focus from the priorities of the roles you play to yourself. Easier said than done? Nope. All we are asking for is 2-minute increments to get you through your day. By practicing one of the exercises below we promise you that you will feel a little lighter, even if it’s just for that moment.

10 Ways to Fight Sickness with Movement for the Entire Family

Moderate movement activities you and your family can do to fight disease together.