About Us

As a parent and a patient, Patty Post founded Checkable Medical to help families save time and reduce the cost of care through innovative at-home testing kits. From time in the car to waiting  rooms to delayed appointments, giving up 4 hours for a negative test result was (is) exhausting. That’s why we’re here, to help people make clinical, evidence-based decisions from the comfort of home. With accurate results, easy-to-administer tests, and an app connecting you to telemedicine and prescription providers, so you can now test, diagnose, and get prescribed in a matter of minutes, not hours.

On-demand appointments. No waiting rooms. Comfier beds. All from the comfort of home, without having to sacrifice accuracy, quality of care, or access to healthcare professionals and prescriptions.

We’re Checkable Medical. Your healthcare begins at home.

We are guided and motivated by


Creating a premier modern healthcare company that empowers its employees to serve as health ambassadors.


Building relationships and creating experiences, engaging content, and trusted life-changing and time-saving products that are relevant.

Product Development

Consistently offering best-in-class products, through innovation and empathy, with the ultimate goal of improving overall health and happiness.


Achieving unicorn status by 2026 by building, launching, and scaling a unique yet relatable brand with authentic messaging and intentional products.


Consistently committing to ethical business practices with purpose and complete transparency.

Checkable Medical Team

Patty PostFounder & CEO

Jennifer Tibodeau Jensen
Director of Clinical,
Regulatory, and Quality


Melissa Brandt
Executive Director of Brand,
Business and Marketing Operations


Nate FunkAmazon Product Development Leadnate.funk@checkablemedical.com

Erica Dvorak
Senior Communications Strategist  


Lora LarsonBusiness Project Managerlora@checkablemedical.com

Becca Egbert
Executive Director Of Product


Checkable Medical Partners

Joe LukeHuman Factor Specialist

Cheryl Savola, PhDIVD Clinical Specialist

Caleb VainikkaEngineering Lead

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Who We Are

Checkable Medical Team

Patty Post
Founder and CEO

Erica Dvorak
Chief of Staff

Cheryl Savola, PhD
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Checkable Medical Partners

Caleb Vainikka
Engineering Lead

Joe Luke
Director of UX

Johnny Ryan
Director of Digital Product

Caleb Vainikka
Engineering Lead

Joe Luke
Director of UX

Johnny Ryan
Director of Digital Product