Born out of one mom's dream

As a parent and a patient, founder and CEO, Patty Post, was frustrated with the status quo of going to the clinic to get checked for an infection. She imagined an at-home diagnostic that would confirm an infection that allowed her and her loved ones to receive a treatment plan from a virtual care provider. She couldn't find a solution so she is building one with a team of healthcare and technology experts.


Checkable Medical's mission is to empower individuals to make clinical, evidence-based decisions from the comfort of their homes. Checkable Medical is focused on delivering innovative at-home diagnostic testing to employers and individuals.


Without having to go to the doctor, our diagnostic tests paired with a digital platform will allow individuals and caregivers to administer their own tests for infectious diseases thus reducing the burden on our healthcare system and minimizing exposure to the population. 


Our unique at-home testing platform will include highly accurate, easily administered test kits, and a mobile application to help understand test results and connect with telemedicine and prescription providers. Checkable Medical solutions aim to save time and reduce the cost of care, without sacrificing quality.

Who we are

Checkable Medical Team

Patty Post

Founder and CEO

Erica Dvorak

Chief of Staff

Cheryl Savola, PhD

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Caleb Vainikka

Engineering Lead